Bert y Sophie Hellinger embarked together on a new path, that led them to what is now known as New Constellations or "Hellinger Sciencia": the universal science of the orders at work in all human connections and interactions. These orders apply in the relationships within the family, between man and woman, parents and children, including their education and upbringing. They also apply in the professional sphere, in organizations and institutions, and even extend to the orders between larger groups, such as cultural, ethnic and national groups. At the same time, Hellinger Sciencia is the universal science of disorders which, in human interaction, leads to conflicts that divide people instead of drawing them closer in reconciliation.

The New Constellations take place in a broader, more encompassing field. The facilitator remains in this field without any desire or direction, calmly waiting to serve a motion that will allow us to go beyond the distinction between good and bad. This movement will help us acknowledge that everything is in order just as it is. A movement that goes beyond, and precisely because it does, has also a future and a permanence.

It is not about solving and untangling the past, but about taking what happened, just the way it happened, without judging, emphasizing the flow of life, and finding that which can nourish the person here and now.

Meera 'Indian Flower'
new constellations
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"We remain in the movement as an all-encompassing spirit guides us, recollected and open for the other and the new that appears before us, fresh and different with each new day, creating new understanding. There we are: speechless, daring, in our power, far beyond ourselves in the realm of the creativity that touches us. Above all, in everything we remain in the love that lasts."