The so-called Organizational Constellations deal with conflicts or problems at work or in a business. Their starting point is considering the company or organization as a system, ruled by similar laws to those governing the family, although there are important differences between them.

In this context, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of such organizations, since they include different subsystems: departments, sections, working teams and other structures, even the family systems of each of the members who are a part of the organization.

In a professional or business context, a variety of issues can be treated, such as integration processes, mergers and acquisitions, study of brands, products, businesses and services, organizational restructuring, leadership problems, social atmosphere and team motivation, low productivity, clarifying the role of each individual in their workplace, balancing personal and professional life, conflict management, guidance in making decisions, etc.

Organizational Constellations also give us access to the systemic dynamics in an organization, in order to try to understand them. The constellation will highlight those changes that enable solutions to take form, thus extracting large amounts of information about the system in a minimum amount of time. It is an effective diagnosis, since the weaknesses in the system become apparent and solutions are proposed.

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"The model is derived from the work with Family Constellations. (...) If we apply that to organizations, for instance, if we choose representatives for the managers of divisions of a company and a manager places them in relationship to each other, we get a clear picture of the organization and of the feelings that the different members have."