The person’s feelings towards the other members of their family system are often changed by the emotional experience and deep understanding brought by the constellation. In this way, one can begin to break old patterns and habits, and changes in one’s behavior will ensue. The person finds the way to a movement of acceptance towards their own destiny and the key to acknowledging their place within the system.

Constellations are beneficial to those who do their own constellation, to those who participate as representatives, as well as to those simply acting as observers. Constellation work always resonates throughout the group, affecting the dynamics that each participant recognizes as part of their own family and situation, creating a space of deep respect and love.

Meera 'Indian Flower'
new constellations
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"By seeing and understanding the ways they are tied to their families, people also understand why they behave in a certain way. When they accept that this is how they are, something else shines through, something of the inner being, soul, or essence, which is eternal and not part of the superficial layers of human personality."